Product Specification

The Esareka Stop Log is designed for open channel installations for temporary isolation and flow control. Stop Logs are ideal for maintenance and repair works or flood control and diversion.

The logs are made of extruded aluminium and are very easy to handle due to their light weight. The logs are stacked on top of each other in the frame guides. The water level is controlled by adding or removing logs. The sealing system is bidirectional (suitable for flows in either direction) and allows to achieve very low leakage rates.

The frame can be made of aluminium, mild steel or stainless steel and it can be designed to be embedded in concrete, wall mount or face mounted in a existing channel.

Stainless Steel Stop Log

Product Specification

AI (T6001) Stop Log

AI (T6001) Stop Log

Stainless Steel Single Plate Stop Log

Design Features

Log Design:

  • Esareka Aluminium logs for easy handling.
  • Stackable logs: water level can be controlled by adding or removing logs.
  • Three different log types (Aluminium, Mild Steel & Stainless steel) available to always find a solution to the specific requirements.

Frame Design:

  • Mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium frame guides.
  • Mounting options: embedded in concrete, wall mount or face mounted in existing channel

Sealing system:

  • Single direction self adjusting seal to control flow in single direction.
  • Excellent tightness
  • Vertical seals are placed on the frame guides. Horizontal seals are placed at the top of each log to prevent leak between logs.
  • HMWPE guides are placed on the frame guides to assure no metal-to-metal contact between the frame and the logs, which reduce friction during operation and extends seal life.

Seal Design

  • Intermediate Design
  • Side Design
  • Bottom Design

Lifter Design

  • With the absent of the pulling force which reacted to the drive cable holes, the hook is in lock mode which showed as above due to gravity force from the weight adjuster.
  • Once the pulling force pull to the right, the hook will rotate clockwise from the hinge hole to release the lock.
  • The weight adjuster hole is to adjust the weight needed for the hook in the lock mode.

Storage Rack

1 2 Main_base C-Chn SS304 152.4×76.2×5.5 (mm)
2 2 Base_rib C-Chn SS304 152.4×76.2×5.5 (mm)
3 10 Beam Angle Bar SS304 50.8×50.8×6.0 (mm)
  • Hot dip galvanizing coating
  • Custom made to requirement

Standard Construction Material

Frame Stainless steel 304L (EN 1.4306) / 316L (EN 1.4404) / Aluminium EN-AW 606-T6
Logs Aluminium EN-AW 606-T6
Side seal EPDM
Bottom seal EPDM
Slider HMWPE
Log locking system Stainless steel 304L (EN 1.4306) / 316L (EN 1.4404)
Seal and slides locks HMWPE
Intermediate seal EPDM
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