About Us


ESAREKA SDN. BHD. is leading manufacturer of gates, pipes fittings and jointing accessories for water & sewerage system. With more than 30 years of specialized experience in full-fletch manufacturing, made to order machine parts, fabrication and sheet metal processing, our factory make use of the latest machinery and the most advanced state-of-art technologies, our clients are assured of the production process.

Using computer technology, we achieve high precision and maximum efficiency in producing quality ESAREKA products. As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in fabrication of sheet metal products, ESAREKA provides 100% inspection and reporting on each product delivered to its customers so you can be assured that 100% of your parts are manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards.

We look forward to servicing your needs in the best way

Our Vision

To be the leading integrated fabricator for penstock/slide gate and steel products that provides total supply-chain solution to our customers in waste water and water industry.

Our Mission

To deliver sustainably superior financial returns through the impeccable commitment on setting high standards, innovation, productivity and competency, to provide products and services of the highest quality and value focused to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Values

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Commit to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in delivering superior quality products and competent customer services that meet our customers’ needs and expectation. Reputation build on performance. we listen, we build trusting relationships and we stand behind our work.

  • Safety and Environment

    Develop a safe and conductive working environment for our employees that promote performance excellence, personal growth and an opportunity to share in the prosperity of the Company. No task is so important tha twe cannot find a safe way to do it.

  • Integrity and Professionalism

    Maintain high professionalism and ethical standards of integrity, mutual respect in our strategic alliance with customers, suppliers and bankers. We do the right thing for our customers and employees. We do what we say.

  • Quality Management

    Emphasize total quality management systems and stringent production quality control measures to sustain the continual improvement in terms of the effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

  • Corporate Responsibility

    Contribute to the environment and community protection by efficient usage of energy, recycled materials and waste production.

  • Profitability

    We provide great value for afair return. We strategically re-invest our profit to maintain operational excellence.

Corporate Mission

Esareka’s mission is to provide full range of Penstock in Water and Waste Water Industry in a safe, realiable, efficient and environmentally sound manner. By delivering high quality solutions to our clients, we believe that we will achieve superior operating results, consistently industry-leading customer satisfaction and long term lucrative profit.

E Endeavor to supply higih quality products and services upon customer requirement
S Systematically ensure quality objectives are established, monitor and review periodically
A Apply experienced workforce support by adopting effective ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS)
R Reclaim any faulty product immediately and be responsible to them
E Ensure a clean and safe working environment
K Keep continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
A Always propagate reliable company reputation
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