Product & Material Specification

Product Specification

Penstock / Sluice Gate frames are constructed from stainless steel Sheet Metal Bending and MIG welded to give the required rigidity for the design sealing duty. Yokes are removable for maintenance purposes, and wall or channel mounting brackets are incorporated; these can be omitted for rebate fixed valves.

Penstock / Sluice Gate doors are constructed from stainless steel plate, reinforced with a welded box section matrix to give the rigidity required. The gate may be plain, or reinforced with an angle or box section frame according duty.

Spindles are machined from stainless steel, with a single start full ACME thread is the optimum thread form for ease of operation, long life, and prevention of ragging. Both rising and non-rising options are available.

Penstock / Sluice Gate seals are full face, and are manufactured from low friction material for excellent durability and ease of operation, thus smaller actuators can frequently be specified for fabricated penstocks compared to cast iron valves of similar size. All fabricated penstocks use a flush invert type seal, and on channel and weir penstocks, the soffit seal is omitted as standard.

Small (less than 900sq), medium (900sq to 1400sq) and large (over 1400sq) penstock ranges are available, with square or rectangular openings. These accommodate heads up to 8m on or off seal as standard, conforming fully to BS7775 with respect to leakage rates. Penstocks can be designed duties. For odd aperture size (from 150mm to 3,000mm) can be custom made upon request.

Product Performance

Maximum Allowable Leakage

Liters per minute per meter of perimeter =
1.25 + (0.1025 x (unseating head in meters – 6.1))

Example: If we have a gate with 10m head, the leakage for the unseating head will be:
1.25 + (0.1025 x (10 – 6.1)) = 1.65 lpm/m of perimeter

Penstock / Sluice Gates shall be substantially watertight under the design head conditions. Under the design seating head, the leakage shall not exceed 0.60 l/min per meter of seating perimeter. Under the design unseating head, the leakage for heads 6m or less shall not exceed 1.25 l/min per meter of perimeter. For unseating heads greater than 6m, the allowable leakage shall not exceed the rate per meter of perimeter specified by the following equations:

Material Specification

Component Material
Frame, Side Frame and Slide Plate (Metal Door) Stainless Steel (Gr 304L or 316L or Duplex)
Operating Nut Gunmetal (BS1400 LG2)
Sealing and Pressure Adjusters Door Plate (Plastic Doors) UHMWPE (UV Stabilized)
Flush Invert Seal EPDM Rubber (ASTM 2000)
Fasteners and Adjusters Stainless Steel (Gr A2 or A4)
Spindle Stainless Steel (Gr 304L or 316L or Duplex)
Seal Retainer Stainless Steel (Gr 304L or 316L or Duplex)
Slice Guide UHMWPE (UV Stabilized)

Other materials and finishes are also available on request.

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